May 24, 2018
Approximate time: 1500
Weather Conditions: Clear

Called by owner to respond to Rt 741 and Hoover Rd for a loaded triaxle dump truck that had struck a house. We were
advised that the truck was loaded.

Based upon the information we were given, we immediately dispatched two of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery
units and contacted Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to have them respond to the scene.

Upon arrival, a Mack dump truck was found to have been travelling east on Route 741 from Kinzers Road towards
Hoover Road when it left the right side of the roadway. The truck travelled through a yard for some way before striking  
the house. We met with the fire department and were advised that PSP was enroute however not yet onscene. We were
also advised that they were concerned of fuel and oil entering the basement of the house as the  truck had a ruptured
tank. Additionally we were advised that they were working on contacting the township's building inspector.

We, along NR&SR performed a survey of the scene. It was found that the truck struck the house with such force that the
foundation on the northeast corner was shifted causing part of the division one floor to be unsupported and appeared to
be sagging. The porch roof of the  house was found to be only partially supported on the northeast corner and was
sagging. There was hydraulic oil, engine oil, and coolant leaking from the truck. The truck was still partially under the  
roof of the house. The truck suffered major damage. The hood was torn off of the truck. The front axle was pushed back
under the dump body on the passenger side and back into the fuel tank on the driver's side. The trucks load of stone
shifted forward,  some of which spilled out over top of the cab and onto the ground.

The trucks batteries were crushed and had leaked acid.

NR&SR worked to apply absorbent pads and other means to prevent the oil from leaching into the ground and the
foundation of the structure.

Based upon the findings and the severity of the damages to the truck, our skid steer loader and our lowboy trailer were
dispatched to the scene. The skid steer loader was loaded onto one of our rollbacks for transport to the scene.

It was determined that the division one floor would have to be supported prior to the truck being removed. It was also
determined that the porch roof would have to be supported during the recovery process.

A plan of action was established for the shoring of the house and recovery of the truck. At this point, PSP and the
Township Representative was onscene. The plans were discussed and we were given the go ahead to begin working.

We worked with NR&SR to place shoring in the basement of the house to support the division one floor. Our skid steer
loader was used to support the roof temporarily until the truck could be removed and support columns be put in place.

With the structure now secure, the township rep. gave the go ahead to begin the removal of the dump truck.

The two rotators were moved into position. One of the rotators, was rigged to winch the back of the dump truck sideways
away from the structure and forward back towards the roadway. The second rotator was rigged to provide lift to the front
of the dump and to winch it forward and sideways back onto the roadway. The front of the dump truck was lifted several
feet so that it would clear the foundation. The truck was then winched sideways and forward simultaneously back
towards the roadway. Spotters were in place to ensure that the structure was not moving. The two rotators worked
together to recover the truck to a point that it could be hooked to in order to be loaded onto the lowboy trailer.

Once clear of the structure, the truck was moved into position and loaded onto the lowboy trailer. The still loaded truck
was secured for transport. The loose truck parts were secured or removed from the truck.

Several of our personnel continued to work with NR&SR to place shoring under the porch roof.  We also assisted with
removing the contaminated dirt and debris from the scene.

Our loader was used to carry the large truck parts to one of our rollbacks and load them for transport from the scene.
The loader was then used to rough grade the yard to remove a majority of the ruts left by the truck.

The damaged truck was transported from the accident scene to Null's of Cochranville.

Our loader was reloaded onto the rollback and secured for transport back to our facility.

Once back at our facility, the damaged dump truck was unloaded from the lowboy trailer into our secure storage yard.

All of the rigging that was used was cleaned of the dirt and oil, inspected, and returned to its respective location.

Our equipment was made ready for the next call.