April 29, 2019
Approximate time: 0715
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to Quarryville, PA for a loaded tractor trailer that had overturned.  Photos were sent from the
scene.  Based upon the photos we were sent, R5 and R6 were dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, the Peterbilt tractor and walking floor trailer were found to have driven off the side of a loading platform
causing the unit to overturn on to the passenger side.  We worked with crews onsite to make arrangements for them to
clean as much of the load out of the trailer as possible without causing any damage to the trailer.  One of our truck
tractors was dispatched to the scene to transport the trailer back to our facility once upright.  

The two rotators worked together to separate the truck and trailer.  The truck was uprighted and slowly lowered back to
its wheels.  The truck was then moved from the immediate area so that the recovery of the trailer could take place.

The trailer has approximately 2/3 of the load removed.  A MatJack was used at the front and rear of the trailer to get
enough lift on the trailer so that straps could be placed under the trailer.  The two rotators worked together to perform a
mid air roll on the trailer while moving it clear of the wall that it had driven off of.  The trailer was set back to an upright
position and lowered onto it's wheels and landing gear.

One of the rotators hooked to the rear of the Peterbilt and prepared to tow it from the scene. The remainder of the load  
was then unloaded from the trailer utilizing the hydraulics.  90 hooked to the trailer and prepared to transport it from the
scene.  Straps were placed over the trailer's tarp.  

The truck and trailer were both transported from the accident scene to Null's of Cochranville.
Approximate time: 1233
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted to respond to S. Caln Road and Bridle Path Lane in Coatesville for a loaded mixer that had ran off the side of
the roadway and was reported to be leaning and ready to overturn.  Based on the information we were given and photos
sent from the scene, R5 and R6 were dispatched to the scene.   

Upon arrival, the mixer was found to have got to close to the left side of the roadway in a construction zone.  The edge
gave way causing the mixer to go off the roadway. The mixer was severely leaning.   R6 placed a strap over top of the
drum and hooked to the frame to keep the mixer from overturning.  R5 hooked to the rear of the mixer.  R5 and R6
worked together to winch the mixer backwards and sideways back onto the roadway while holding it upright.  The mixer
was able to be driven from the scene.