Week of April 22, 2019   This week has proven to be another busy week so far.

Truck R6 and the service truck responded to West Goshen Township for a loaded tractor trailer that struck a rock. We
were advised that there was damage to the truck's braking system and repairs would need to be made so that the
loaded trailer could be transported approximetly 1/4 mile to its destination to be unloaded and then transported for
Trucks R6 and 90 along with Null's Recovery & Site Restoration responded to a tractor trailer accident on Lincoln
Highway.  The accident scene was quickly cleaned up and traffic returned to normal flow.
Trucks C24, C25, and C26 responded to a multi vehicle accident on Baltimore Pike in front of Lincoln University.  
NR&SR also responded to clean up and restore the damages on the University property.
Trucks S16, 90, and the service truck responded to Coatesville for a tractor trailer that struck a pole and caused
damages to the trailer's axle.  S16 lifted the partially loaded trailer while the service got the trailer so that it could be
transported by 90 to the customer's shop for repairs.