March 6, 2016
Approximate time: 2134
Weather conditions: clear

Called by the Pennsylvania State Police Lancaster Barracks to respond to Lincoln Highway in the area of the Brass
Eagle Restaurant in Salisbury Township for a vehicle accident involving multiple cars, one of which was overturned.

We immediately contacted one of our lead recovery operators who was in the area.

He advised that there was an Acura that had been involved in a collision with a utility pole and several vehicles that was
off the roadway in a field overturned with major damage and a very large debris field spread out over 1,000' from the
initial point of impact to the final resting place of the vehicle.

He also advised that there was a mini van with major damage that had been struck by the Acura and thrown
approximately 175' from the point of impact and collided with a tree and a Ford Explorer.

He advised that there was a very large debris field along with fluids leaking from both vehicles.

Based on the information provided, our recovery supervisor in communication with the lead operator on-scene had our
skid steer loader with bucket broom attachment, a truck to transport the sedan, a truck to transport the mini van, one of
our portable light towers, and Null's Recovery & Site Restoration dispatched to the scene.

Upon arrival, PSP gave the go ahead to begin the clean up process. With Lincoln Highway being shut down in both
directions due to vehicle parts all over the roadway, our crew along with NR&SR's crew focused on cleaning the roadway
of the vehicle parts and fluids so that the roadway could be reopened.

Our light tower was set up on the roadway to provide our crews working a safe work zone.

The skid steer loader with bucket broom worked to sweep the roadway from the point of impact to the point where the
vehicle left the roadway while our crew worked to pick up the larger vehicle pieces including the bumpers, wheel, tire, etc.

Additional members of our crew worker to upright and recover the severely damaged sedan from the field. The fire
department had to cut the driver of the sedan from the vehicle due to the extent of damage caused by the impacts.

Once the vehicle was uprighted, it was recovered from the field, loaded onto the rollback and secured via a four point tie
down. A strap was placed over the roof to hold the roof and doors closed and in place.

The operator of that truck then assisted with the clean up process.

The mini van was loaded onto one of the other trucks and secure via a four point tie down. The roof, windshield, and
doors were secured on it as well.

Once the roadway was cleared of the vehicle parts, it was able to be reopened to traffic.

The light tower was moved from the roadway to the parking lot.

Our crews and equipment along with NR&SR's crew and equipment then focused on cleaning the glass, vehicle parts,
and fluids from the restaurant parking lot.

Once the vehicle parts and fluids were cleaned up, our equipment was loaded up and secured for transport from the

Both vehicles were transported from the accident scene to Null's of Cochranville.

Once at our facility, both vehicles were placed in our secure storage yard.

Our equipment was cleaned, fueled, and made ready for the next call.