March 1, 2016
Approximate time: 0759
Weather conditions: Clear

Called by the Pennsylvania State Police Lancaster Barracks requesting us to respond to Route 30 and Newport Road in
Salisbury Township Lancaster County for two tractor trailers that had been involved in an accident.  We were advised
that the one tractor trailer had major front end damage while the other tractor trailer we were simply told it was not

We also received a call from the Gap Fire Company advising that the one tractor trailer had major front end damage
along with a fluid spill and that the other tractor trailer had major damage to the trailers suspension and braking system.

Based on the information we received from the two agencies, we immediately dispatched two of our heavy duty
wreckers, two of our truck tractors, and contacted Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene with their
service truck and Incident Response Unit.

Upon arrival, a Freightliner sleeper tractor pulling an empty reefer trailer was found to have collided with the back end of
an International tractor pulling a MC134 dry bulk cargo trailer that was reported to be loaded with limestone.

The MC134 tanker suffered major damage from the collision.  The brake chambers were damaged on the rear axle.  
The rear axle appeared to have been shifted.  The product discharge tube which runs under the trailer was damaged
and broke loose from its mounts. The tires were damaged.

Our operators worked with NRSR to make temporary repairs to the braking system so that the brakes could be free
wheeled and the trailer moved.  The brakes were free wheeled, however the trailer had no service brakes due to the
broken lines.

One of the heavy duty wreckers hooked to the front of the unit to move it from the roadway so additional repairs could
be made to the braking system.

Once off the roadway, the tractor was separated from the damaged trailer.

The heavy duty wrecker then hooked to the back of the tractor.

Our tractor hooked to the damaged trailer.  

Additional temporary repairs were made to the trailers braking system so that the trailer would have service brakes on
axle #4 of the unit.

The tractor and damaged  trailer were then transported from the accident scene to Null's of Cochranville.

The Freightliner tractor had major damage to the front end.  There were fluids actively leaking from the tractor.  The fire
department had placed absorbents on the roadway to contain the spill and prevent it from leaving the roadway.  The
trailer did not appear to suffer any damage as a result of the collision.

While waiting for the tanker unit to be removed, NRSR worked to clean up the fluids that had leaked from the damaged

Once the tanker unit was moved from in front of the reefer unit, one of  our heavy duty wreckers worked to hook to the
front of the damaged tractor.  Air was supplied to the trucks air system in order to release the brakes.  The truck and
trailer were separated.  The damaged tractor was moved out from under the reefer trailer to the side road at the scene.  

NRSR then worked to clean up the spill that was under where the damaged tractor had been sitting.  Additionally they
worked to clean up the truck parts that were on the roadway.

One of our truck tractors then hooked to the reefer trailer.  The tractor then transported the trailer along with the driver
of the Freightliner from the accident scene back to Null's of Cochranville.

Once off the roadway, the heavy duty wrecker finished hooking to the damaged tractor.  The driveline was removed, the
exhaust was covered.  Wireless towlights and secondary attachments were installed.  The hood was secured along with
all of the loose truck parts.

The damaged tractor was then transported to Null's of Cochranville.

Once back at Null's, both tractors and trailers were placed in our secure storage yard.