February 11, 2019
Approximate time: 0842
Weather Conditions: Snow

Contacted by PSP Avondale to respond to Route 10 and Edenton Road in Upper Oxford Township for a tractor trailer
that was involved in an accident. One of our heavy duty recovery supervisors was onscene and advised that it was a
Freightliner tractor pulling an empty flatbed trailer. He requested that one of our specialized heavy duty sliding rotator
recovery units, a heavy duty wrecker, and Null's Recovery & Site Restoration be dispatched to the scene.

The unit had been travelling south on Route 10 from Highpoint Road. As it approached the turn at Edenton Road, it
failed to properly navigate the turn. The tractor trailer ran off the right side of the roadway. Once leaving the roadway, it
struck a large tree in the front yard of a residence. The unit then continued off the roadway where it struck a utility pole,
snapping the pole at the base and causing the pole to go across Route 10.

The tractor suffered major damage to the front end, the steering axle was knocked out and pushed into the fuel tank,
causing the fuel tank to be pushed back in it's brackets and causing damage to the fuel tank. There was concern of the
fuel tank leaking. The trailer suffered damage from it striking the tree as well. The fire department was onscene and was
in the process of setting up to run one lane through the accident scene allowing us the southbound lane to perform the

It was determined that the unit would have to be lifted back onto the roadway to prevent the fuel tank from being
damaged further which would cause it to leak.

Null's Recovery & Site Restoration arrived and assisted the fire department with setting up  he lane closure. Verizon
arrived on location and advised that the scene was safe to work from their stand point.

The rotator was set-up at the front of the tractor trailer unit. The boom was rotated and extended to the front end of the
damaged tractor in order to lift the front end straight up to prevent any further damage from occurring to the fuel tank.
Rigging was connected to the truck's frame. The axle was chained in place. The rotator then lifted the front end of the
tractor. The rotator then rotated it's boom bringing the front end of the tractor back onto the roadway.

Once the front end of the tractor was back on the roadway, the rotator was returned to travel position. The rotator then
hooked to the front of the tractor to move the unit from the immediate area so that NR&SR could handle the clean up of
the accident scene and roadway. Air was supplied to the unit to release the brakes.

Once clear of the immediate area, the truck and trailer were separated in accordance with PA law. The driveline was
removed from the tractor. The loose parts were secured on both the truck and trailer. The truck and trailer were towed
from the accident scene to Null's of Cochranville where they were placed in our secure storage yard. The batteries were
disconnected on the tractor.