February 11, 2016
Approximate time: 1018
Weather conditions: Extreme cold

Contacted by the West Fallowfield Township Police Department requesting us to respond to Route 41 in the area of Robinson
Drive for an accident involving two tractor trailers with a road blockage.

We immediately dispatched a recovery supervisor, two heavy duty wreckers, and a tractor to the scene.

The recovery supervisor arrived and immediately requested Null's Recovery & Site Restoration be dispatched to assist with
traffic control as the fire department was not yet onscene, fluid clean-up, and clean up of the large debris field.

A Freightliner tractor with flatbed trailer collided with a Freightliner tractor with a dump trailer. Both units sustained major

The dump trailer unit came to rest on the southbound shoulder.  The tractor portion did not appear to be damaged however
the trailers axles were knocked loose.  

One of the heavy duty wreckers hooked to the back of the dump trailer.  The unit was then towed off of the roadway to our

The flatbed unit came to rest facing northbound on the southbound shoulder. The unit had struck the guard rail and was
currently against the rail with part of the rail stuck to the tractor and twisted underneath the other section of rail.

The front axle was completely torn loose on the drivers side with the axle pushed back into the DEF tank.

The heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit was set up on a work platform in front of the tractor trailer unit. Rigging was
connected to the truck's frame. The front of the truck was lifted, the boom was rotated so that the truck was now clear of the
guard rail and sitting on the roadway so that it could be hooked to in order to be transported from the accident scene.

The heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit was returned to travel position.

The rotator then hooked to the damaged tractor.  The truck and trailer were separated.  Our truck tractor then hooked to the

Both the trailer and the damaged tractor were transported to our facility.