February 10, 2017
Approximate time: 1223
Weather Conditions: Clear

Contacted by the Pennsylvania State Police Lancaster Barracks requesting us to respond immediately to 1177 Holtwood
Road in Drumore Township for a tractor trailer that was partially loaded and was reported to be 1,000' off the roadway.
We were advised that the steering axle on the tractor was damaged and that the trailer sustained damage to the axles.

With the information we were given, we immediately dispatched one of our heavy duty sliding rotators, one of our heavy
duty sliding boom wreckers, and one of our truck tractors to the scene. Based on the information of the damages to the
trailer, we also contacted Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to respond with one of their Incident Response Units to the

Upon arrival, a Freightliner tractor pulling a tandem axle flatbed trailer with a bundle of lumber on board was found to
have been travelling westbound on Holtwood Road when a car crossed the center line and struck the front of the unit.
This impact knocked the truck's steering axle, causing the unit to careen of the roadway. The vehicle also struck the  
trailer's axles causing damage to three of the four tires on the driver's side along with the wheels. The unit came to rest
approximately 500' off the roadway and nearly 1,000' from the point of impact. The unit was in a plowed field which was
extremely muddy. The unit also went down over a slight embankment. It was noticed that there was a parking lot to the
farm at the other end of the field which the truck came to rest in. This parking lot was approximately 375' from the front
end of the truck. It was decided by our recovery supervisor that it would be safer and quicker to recover the unit via the
parking lot rather then shutting the roadway down completely. One of our personnel met with the property owner who
gave us the go ahead to utilize the parking lot for the recovery.

At this point, the heavy duty wrecker was backed into the field to a position that the tractor trailer could be winched out
of the plowed field, across the water way, and into the grass field where the wrecker would then be able to hook to the
front of the unit and tow it the remainder of the way out of the field. The tractor had a major air leak which was able to be
temporarily stopped to allow the truck's brakes to release. Rigging was connected from the wrecker to the damaged unit
and the unit was winched from the plowed field. Once in the grass field, the wrecker lifted the front end of the damaged
tractor and cribbing was placed under it so that the wrecker could hook to the front of the unit.

NR&SR worked to fix the ruts left by the unit travelling off the roadway. They also worked to pick up the truck parts that
were spread across the fields.

With the unit now hooked to the wrecker, the wrecker towed the unit from the grass field to the parking lot.

Once at the parking lot, the truck and trailer were separated.

The tractor was prepared to be towed from the scene, the driveline was removed, air supplied, wireless towlights and
secondary attachments installed.

NR&SR then jacked the trailer and removed the damaged wheels and tires from the front axle. The front axle was
chained up and secured. The damaged wheel and tire from the back axle was removed and one of the wheels and tires
from the passenger side was installed on the driver's side back axle. The damaged wheel on the driver's side had to be
cut to allow for it to be removed. The truck parts were loaded by NR&SR into their IRU for transport back to our facility.

Our tractor hooked to the trailer.

The truck, trailer, and driver were transported from the accident scene to Null's of Cochranville where both the truck and
trailer were placed in our secure storage yard.