February 3, 2016
Approximate time: 1413
Weather conditions: Heavy rain

Called to respond to 310 Black Road in Quarryville, PA for a box truck that was stuck in the mud. We were advised that the
truck was completely blocking the roadway and that the right side of the truck was deep in the mud.

With the information we were given, we immediately dispatched truck 121.

Upon arrival, found truck # 1169 that was attempting to back out of a driveway when it went across the roadway and into the
waterway on the opposite side of the driveway. The truck was severely leaning to the right side. The right side fuel tank was
on the ground. The truck's back axle had the water way completely blocked causing the roadway to become flooded as well.
The right rear dual assembly was in the water to the point that the axle was under the water.

121 backed into the scene from the main road which was approximately 1/2 mile from the nearest place to turn around.

Once in position, 121 was rigged to the rear dual assembly on the passenger side in order to lift the passenger side fuel tank
off of the ground. Our operator had to get into the waterway to knee depth of water to connect the rigging to the dual
assembly to prevent any damage from occurring to the truck. Once lifted, the truck was winched forward back onto the

The mud was scraped off the roadway.

Assist driver with backing back into the driveway.
February 3, 2016
Approximate time: 0830
Weather conditions: Light drizzle

We were called to respond to Rising Sun Maryland for a loaded tanker that the landing gear had sunk through the mud and
was ready to overturn.  

Truck 131 responded and lifted the loaded trailer.

The trailer was held while a replacement tractor was able to back under the trailer.
February 3, 2016
Approximate time: 1906
Weather conditions: Light rain

Contacted by Chester County Police Radio for a partially loaded tractor trailer that had ran off the roadway.  Upon arrival,
truck 131 found that the tractor trailer was attempting to make a u-turn in a field when it became stuck.  The unit was winched
back onto the roadway and able to continue on.