February 2, 2016
Approximate time: 0858
Weather Conditions: Clear

Called by the Pennsylvania State Police Lancaster Barracks requesting us to respond for a box truck that had been
involved in an accident. We were advised that the box truck was on its side with approximately 2,600 pounds of cargo on
board at 1543 Valley Rd in Bart Township.

We immediately dispatched one of our heavy duty sliding rotator recovery units, a medium duty recovery unit, and
contacted Null's Recovery & Site Restoration to respond to the scene.

Upon arrival, found a loaded refrigerated box truck that had left the roadway, struck a utility pole, and overturned onto
the passenger side and came to rest in a field.

Our lead operator met with the investigating Trooper and was given clearance to start the job. Our lead operator also
met with the company representative who advised that another refrigerated truck was enroute and that the unit was
loaded with sea food. Representative also stated damage concerns since the truck was newer and low mileage.

The heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit was positioned on Valley Rd. and was set up to upright the box truck, and
keep a lane open on Valley Rd. so that traffic could be kept moving. While the heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit
was being set up, NRSR set up advanced warning signs and placed cones. NRSR also handled the clean up of
miscellaneous truck pieces, spent oil dry, and fluids that had leaked from the truck.

Chains were used to secure the front and rear axles to the frame of the truck, and then additional chains were used to
hook into the wheels of the truck. The driveshaft was removed and the brakes were set. The 2 auxiliary winches were
attached to low pull points on the heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit and were used to spike the axles. The truck
was pre-lifted, so that a recovery strap could be placed under the box of the truck. The box was propped up with wood,
and a 6" strap was run from the lower frame rail, under the box, and up over the top side to one of the main winches on
the heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit.

The still loaded casualty was uprighted. The rigging was moved to the front of the causality in order to lift it up over the
edge of the road.

The medium duty recovery truck was placed in front of the casualty to winch it out of the field while the heavy duty
sliding rotator recovery unit held it upright. The two recovery trucks worked together to bring the front wheels of the
causality back up onto the road. Once the front wheels were back up on the road, the heavy duty sliding rotator picked
the back end of the box truck and placed it back on the roadway.

The rigging was removed, inspected, and returned to its respective location.

The heavy duty sliding rotator recovery unit then hooked to the back of the casualty and prepared to tow it from the
scene. Secondary attachments were hooked to the rear of the casualty. Wireless tow lights were installed and the
steering was secured. The hood and other loose truck parts were secured. The unit was then towed to Null's of

The replacement truck also travelled to Null's so that the load could be transferred.

The door on the box truck was opened reviling that the cargo was severely damaged and no longer palletized. Our
personnel working with the trucking company personnel to transfer the load by hand to the replacement truck.